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New Year, New Challenges, Same Can Do attitude

greetings to all of our LSWO teams, family members and followers. It has been a while since I have messaged everyone, so I wanted to take a quick minute to update everyone.

first off, Happy New Year to everyone and their families! We are already in March and a lot has happened since the start of the season. both the Warthogs and Warriors are off to a really good start and having fun.

We have a new team that is on a temp status with us for the first season, please welcome the double tap team. They are made up of primarily first responders And have shown how motivated they are.

This year is proving to be an even better year for our organization. As long as we work together we can get it done. Never let life drag you down, get your bat and glove for a day of stress relief and fun on the field with an awesome group of Vets from all branches!

We live for tomorrow because today had been squared away!

until next time


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