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We are a group of Veterans that have shed the same blood in the same mud and have idled by watching us become statistics. We are here to make a difference amongst our brothers and sisters in arms and are steadfast and ready to serve out of uniform just as honorably as we did in uniform. Operating out of Spring Texas, banding together in growing numbers supporting USSSA League Softball teams, and creating new friendships, Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors Coast Guardsmen on one team with one Mission......Have Fun!


To provide Military Veterans and their families purpose through physical activity, taking part in competitive sporting events and outdoor recreation, rebuilding resilience and corps values before, during, and after their transition from the Military.


Our Veterans will be part of a team again, through Esprit de Corps, we will motivate and uplift their morale with other veterans that have shared their same experiences. A brotherhood bonded through blood sweat and tears, we aim to reamend those bonds and create new ones through our supported Sports teams.

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